These Photographs represent some of my Nude, Model work, & dark art. For my Boudoir or Pinup style photos please see my other website


Locations, Urban Explorations, Abandoned and places Ive been . You may pass these areas over and over again missing its beauty. I try and capture them on rare occasions bringing

another look from a

different perspective.


My favorite pastime is photography and Urban exploration. I love the worn, rusty, weathered things I see while Im in old abandoned locations or things that catch my eye in the streets. I try and bring in focus the small details we often miss.


Not all things are in black and white,

I love color and light, the world gives so much color, I have to capture it in pure form.

More Urb Ex

More Places & Things that I love to explore, the quite, deserted places that are frozen in time. Know of a place that is untouched? Send me private message!

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